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Fun In The Sun At Our Family Resort in Krabi

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Holiday vacations give families a chance to bond, relax, and recharge together. It provides a chance for busy professional parents who follow tight schedules and have little time to interact with their kids to finally spend quality time as a group. Additionally, it offers an excellent opportunity to embark on an adventurous journey to discover new foods and interact with other cultures. Our family resort in Krabi ensures that families have a seamless blend of comfort and excitement as we cater to the different needs of families, as listed below.

There’s Fun for Everyone at Our Krabi Family Resort

Our family resort in Krabi is a place that believes in everyone having fun on a holiday. Whether it is the parents or kids, each should have time to relax and unwind. Our Ao Nang hotel has a Kids’ Club with a vast outdoor playground with slides, swings, and climbing structures that provide endless hours of energetic fun. There are also supervised games, arts and crafts sessions and a chance to immerse in different cultures and create friendships among the kids. This makes it easy for the parents to relax and enjoy their holiday without worrying about the kids.

There is a vast outdoor pool for the adults to play games like pool volleyball, soak up in the sun under the plush loungers, or enjoy the pool’s refreshing water. They can also enjoy their day at the spa, massage parlor or the gym working on their bodies.

Exquisite Accommodation at Our Ao Nang Hotel

The guest rooms and suites at our Krabi family resort are fitted with modern décor and high-end amenities. For example, those families living in the suites enjoy their privacy as they can access a kids’ suite and a separate living room. The rooms offer a clear, magical view of the Ao Nang beaches and the vast Andaman Sea. They are comfortable with cozy beds, an AC, a mini fridge, toilet amenities, and a vanity area. And did we mention that the washrooms are fitted with bidets?

The best part is that our family resort in Krabi has a Kids Stay and Eat For Free program, which is an alluring offer for both local and international tourists alike. Kids under 12 get to stay at our Krabi family resort for free and enjoy complimentary meals at our Ao Nang restaurant. This makes holiday planning more economical for families trying to have a budget-conscious vacation.

The Dining Options at Our Family Resort in Krabi

A visit to our family resort in Krabi is incomplete without trying our renowned Tom Yum Goong, Massaman Nua, and Phad Thai at Rakhang Thai Bistro and Bar. It is our Ao Nang restaurant that is famous for delectable Thai specialties. If these are not to your taste, there are always international flavors you can try at our Krabi family resort.

For those who enjoy unwinding by the pool, you can indulge and get yourself a couple of tropical refreshments and a light snack at our pool bar throughout the day. Whether it is a cocktail, a mocktail, or a smoothie of your choice, we ensure it will delight you with its freshness and flavor. At our Ao Nang hotel, we do our best to provide you with an extraordinary experience.

Our family resort in Krabi is curated to ensure families create unforgettable memories and feel comfortable during their stay. It also offers an opportunity for people to grow, unwind, rejuvenate, and strengthen the bonds between families, partners, or even colleagues. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil escape or an uplifting space to strengthen your family bond, our Ao Nang Krabi resort endeavors to create an atmosphere that caters to diverse needs and desires.

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